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Five beautiful tuff spot activities for small world play

There are unending different ways to use Tuffspots, but it's easy to get stuck in a tuff-spot (get it?!) and run out of ideas. Here are five of our favourite tuff spot ideas which you can use this week...

Three circle time games to try

Keeping circle time fresh and engaging can be a challenge. Here we've pulled together three different circle time ideas to add a bit of variety

Getting to know you

The start of each new term brings a new clutch of preschoolers into your setting. Here are three suggestions for activities you could do in your first weeks with new children to help everyone get to know one another.

Have you tried Water Beads yet?

Sensory play can get a bit same-y. After sand, water, shaving foam and cold spaghetti, it can feel like it's time to start the cycle again. Give this more unusual resource a try instead

Three different ideas for a sensory basket

Here are three different baskets you can prepare, along with links to the items you might need.

Voyage to Arghan

This beautifully illustrated book is a “sensory story”, with each page suggesting a sensory experience which the reader, or “story experiencer” can take part in.

The Carrot Cake Catastrophe

It's Mummy's birthday and Jenny and Grandad are making a surprise for her: a delicious carrot cake... well, that is what they thought was going to happen.

A Cheesy Trip to Town

The destination for this trip is a shop with a fresh cheese counter, offering a number of unusual ways to enhance children's learning and development

"How many sleeps until the Grandmas come back?"

One nursery in North Shields has been pioneering a new regular partnership with a local care home for the elderly. Find out what they've been doing, and how you can replicate it

Extending Learning from Nursery to Home

Lydia's aim was to bring parents closer into the work of the setting. Her solution was to create a beautiful "Home Learning Station" at the entrance to the setting.

How babywearing could revolutionise your practice

Babywearing is common in many cultures around the world, but less so in the west. We learn how it can be used to great affect in early years settings

All-Male Apprentice Cohort; The Answer To Increasing Men in the Early Years Workforce?

LEYF are taking their passion for increasing men in the early years workforce to the next level with the first all-male apprenticeship cohort.

Suzie Goes to the Dentist

Suzie is off to the dentist for a check-up. Have a read of our review of this lovely re-telling of an every day experience which children can find worrying

Make Social Media Work for Your Setting

We hear from social media experts, Babbl, about their top tips for nurseries making the most of social media

Get Your Setting Involved in Sport Relief

The Sport Relief team have developed a host of helpful resources to enable early years settings to make the most of this great event; here are our top picks

10 Top Tips for Supporting EAL Children

With many settings caring for children where English is not spoken at home, delivering outstanding care for these children who speak English as an additional language (EAL) presents some particular challenges.

Chemical-Free Sterlisation; Anti-Virus UV Lamps

Supplies of chemical sterilizers are running low, and many of them aren't useful for childcare settings anyway. We review a new technological solution.